Marge B.
United States
Marge McDonald, 93 (years young!), began on a career path in the late 1940s as an Assistant Director of Retail Promotions for The Ladies Home Journal. After moving to Atlanta, due to her husband's business transfer, and her three children in school, Marge founded TourGals, Inc., an all-female convention service company. Then she became CEO of the Georgia Hospitality & Travel Association, a statewide professional association of hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. She next founded Marmac Publishing Company, specializing in Premium Books for corporations. Following the sale of Marmac Publishing, Marge joined Longstreet Press, a book publishing company, as Director of Development and Specialty Marketing. On retirement in her late 70s, Marge was a marketing consultant. Marge stays almost as active in her 90s as she was in her career years as a member of three book clubs, a poetry club, playing bridge and mahjong, painting, and is currently working on turning her father's memoir into a book. During the pandemic, she hosted over 100 Zoom meetings and continues to stay in touch through Zoom with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who live in other cities.

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