Lessons in a Nutshell

Hi, I’m Phyllis.

I’d like to welcome you to Lessons in a Nutshell (LIN). I’m a retired nurse and psychotherapist. When I turned 80, I decided to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren. I started thinking about all of the lessons I’ve learned over my life, especially how, where, and when I discovered them.

So many people began asking me if they could share a short life lesson on my website that would inspire others, so my daughter, Alexis, and I decided to create LessonsinaNutshell.com!

How many times have you wanted to share your great ideas or opinions or even a discovery you’ve made that could change the lives of others? Do you think no one is really interested in hearing your thoughts? Do you want to be inspired and inspire others? Have you ever felt invisible?

Well, you’re not alone. LIN is your answer to sharing those ideas, stories, insights, lessons, experiences, and workarounds with people who value your words of wisdom.

Here’s to being the BEST you in 2022!

Tips for Recording

  • Be sure to look into your camera while recording.
  • Keep your video to under 2 minutes.
  • Practice your video before recording.
  • Make sure you are in good lighting.
  • If recording on your phone record in landscape (wide) mode.
  • Default camera and microphone are set automatically.