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Lessons in a Nutshell consists of a variety of great thoughts, stories, lessons, ideas and workarounds.

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About Lessons In a Nutshell

How many times have you wanted to share your great ideas or opinions or even a discovery you’ve made that could change the lives of others? Do you think no one is really interested in your thoughts and experiences? Have you ever felt invisible? Well, you’re not alone. The ‘Lessons in a Nutshell’ website is your home for sharing those ideas, stories, insights, lessons, experiences, and workarounds with people who value YOU!”

From our users . . .

I appreciate that I can share some of the lessons I have learned over my lifetime – it makes me feel less invisible!

– Jane, Australia

I have experienced so much, even at my young age, I hope that others will learn from what I have been through.

– Rheanon, Canada

I was recently diagnosed with cancer and it so helpful to watch the motivational videos left by many people who have already experienced what I am going through.

– Norma, United States

I loved hearing the lessons that were shared by so many people of all ages and backgrounds. I have really learned so much.

– Daniel, France

I’ve always wanted to find a place where I can share stories and leave a video legacy for my grandkids – now I can!

– Sue, United States

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